08/07 2018

Saving Time: How the ToolTags App is Helping Contractors & Construction Companies

The ToolTags app is a cutting-edge idea in many ways… None more so, than in its core ability to help contractors and construction companies save time and money!

By tracking tools, assets, equipment, consumables, and offering a clear chain of custody, ToolTags is an excellent tracker app solution for companies, of all sizes, within the general contracting and construction industries. With its patent pending technology, the ToolTags app is a one of a kind solution; geared towards saving companies money across many of their business process management tasks, including:

  • Tracking the location of tools, perishables, and heavy equipment via the use of GPS tracker tags.
  • Preventing loss and theft of assets via a built in chain of custody module – a feature that allows administrators to see who last used an asset, the location in which it was last scanned in, and where the said asset should physically be located based on the tracking system.
  • Locating heavy equipment that could be on any one of several construction job sites, all without having to make multiple phone calls or drive out to different site locations to try and locate specific tools or assets.
  • Using simple, scratch, scuff and weather proof stainless steel QR code tags – which are individually generated for each unique tool or asset that a crew or company wishes to track.

With ToolTags, general contractors and construction companies will never again have to worry about where their assets are located, because the app’s proprietary system uses GPS tracking to give real time insights as to the location of any piece of equipment enrolled in the inventory management system. Tools, equipment, and perishables (assets), across multiple job and/or construction sites, are scanned in by each employee who uses each tool or asset – before they actually relocate or move the equipment.

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