07/10 2018

Mobile App: How a Tool & Asset Tracking System Can Save Money

Why continue wasting money on misplaced, misused and even stolen tools and materials? With ToolTags, now available now on the Google Play and iOS App Stores, your company gains real-time tracking and a full chain of custody for any asset being monitored:


  • Tools & Equipment
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Vehicles & Parts
  • Consumable Materials
  • Virtually anything used at a job site…

Know exactly where your assets are, from job to job, and site to site. See who last used a tool, who’s using it now, and where it is currently located. Prevent theft and the misuse of your equipment with our proprietary tool tracker app and heavy duty, stainless steel QR code tags. Why spend the extra time and money implementing Milwaukee One Key? With ToolTags, general contractors and construction companies alike can easily:

  • Track all tools, equipment and materials in real-time.
  • Prevent loss, damage and theft to all assets being tracked.
  • Gain insight into usage with a full chain of custody via our GPS tracker app.
  • Enjoy a built in “loss prevention system” – so you can save time, money.
  • Keep everyone on your team accountable, keep estimates attainable.

ToolTags can be downloaded now, and you can get started right away! Please choose an option below:

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