The Technology

ToolTags – As seen in inPAINT Magazine

Gone are the days of expensive scanning equipment and bulky inventory software. ToolTags uses technology that is already in the hands of your team…

Our proprietary tagging system combines any smarthpone (the embedded GPS), with low-cost QR tags, to bring your company peace of mind about the whereabouts of assets, tools and equipment.

ToolTags allows contractors, construction firms, and other companies – across all verticals and industries – to easily and inexpensively:

  • Know precisely where their equipment is, at all times.
  • Increase accountability among their workforce.
  • Know what jobs are consuming the most resources.
  • Reduce the costs and time associated with searching for lost or stolen items.

Learn more about how ToolTags can save you and/or your company time and money… All while giving you transparency and piece of mind! More >>